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Growing Quality in Quantity for Over 30 Years!


Fort George Botanicals are growers of fine indoor & outdoor tropical Plants and Trees for Garden Centres, Landscapers, Plant Rental companies and Hotels for over 30 years.

In 1986, Fort George Botanicals began exporting Dracaena cuttings to the US and production of Areca Palms for the European market. After suffering a terrible "blow" from hurricane Gilbert in September 1988, FGB began supplying the Areca Palms to the local market. By 1990, Fort George Botanicals Ltd was supplying the local garden centres, landscapers and hotels with a wider variety of plants.

Since then, Fort George Botanicals Ltd. has increased in volume and variety of plants and trees to satisfy a growing need for quality products.

Our nursery, located in the lush river valley of Fort George, St. Mary, has ideal growing conditions for the plants and trees we produce...

At the farm in Fort George, St. Mary, plants are irrigated with a combination of rain water and fresh river water from the beautiful Pencar River.


To our current customers, we Thank You for your repeat business and continued interest in our products and we look forward to serving your future needs.

To our new and future customers, we invite you to try 

Fort George Botanicals Ltd. where we are sure you will find the plant material to fit your needs.

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